Welcome to Blue Sage Magazine, an online youth literary magazine dedicated to elevating the voices of young writers and artists! We publish work from students in grades 3-6.

We are currently CLOSED for submissions.


At Blue Sage Magazine, we firmly believe in promoting diversity, unique perspectives, and self-expression through the mediums of art and writing. We believe that, in the pursuit of this goal, young kids cannot be overlooked, as they are the future of creative expression and deserve a space to share. However, we’ve observed a lack of support and accessible opportunities for them to do so. We hope to fill this gap! We are committed to providing a warm, welcoming, and safe platform that empowers kids to express themselves freely, gain confidence in their abilities, improve their craft, and develop their artistic voice. To further this purpose, each writing submission will receive detailed personal feedback to guide the author toward sharpening their skills and amplifying their voice.

What Contributors & Parents Say About Us

"What I enjoyed about the feedback that they gave me was that it was, one, not only helpful, but it was good and every piece of feedback they gave I agreed with and made sure to add to my piece. They were so encouraging and thoughtful and added a good mix of feedback and parts of the story that they liked. I really enjoyed reading what a second person had to say about my piece."

- Anonymous, Grade 6

"The editors/reviewers of this student-run magazine are beyond amazing!!! My son submitted his story because I read that the editors will always give writers feedback, whether the essay is accepted or not. The review really is so detailed and thoughtful! I myself have been a reviewer for academic journals. I know how much work it is to write a review like that. The reviewer reads my 4th grader's story so carefully. They gave him tons of great writing advice! I was beyond touched reading the review. They really take the submission seriously. The review is fair, positive and constructive. I highly recommend all grade students try to be a contributor!"

- Lili H., Parent

"The team wrote an entire essay on how I can improve my writing, which I am very thankful for. The process was really easy and the product was really beautiful and amazing! Showcasing the writing and artwork of youths is just wonderful! Hats off to Blue Sage Magazine!"

- Ashlen Verma, Grade 5

"I liked how they specifically told me what parts to add more details to and why. Now I have become better descriptive writer. Thank you!"

- Julia D., Grade 5

"I liked how encouraging the feedback was and how kind it was and it made me think of my poems. Thank you!"

- Janie Snyder, Grade 6

"I liked the feedback because it was very detailed and it gave specific things to work on. Also, it was encouraging and made me see my writing from a different point of view."

- Mila E., Grade 5

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